If you need assistance in downloading and installing any of the following software, please email or call (813-621-6463 ext. 251) our technical support team.

Some versions may require a new license key. Please refer to the download instructions or TechNotes for the version you are interested in downloading to determine if a new license key is required.

Network users cannot use the installations for version MCEGold® 3.0.3 SP1 or SP3. Contact PdMA® for instructions. Network downloading is available for MCEGold 3.1.2 SP1, MCEGold 3.0.3 SP6 and MCEGold 3.0.3 SP4.

NOTE: If you are running an older version of MCEGold (3.0.3 SP3 to 3.1.2 SP2) on Windows® 10 it uses SQL 2008. The latest Windows 10 updates are now blocking the installation of SQL 2008. Therefore, if you need to install, reinstall, or download SQL 2008 for any reason you will not be able to. It is recommended that you either upgrade to MCEGold 3.1.2 SP3 or newer, which runs on Windows 10 and uses SQL 2017, or locate a Windows 7 computer to run the older versions of MCEGold.