PdMA Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Welcome to PdMA Cloud Services, a premier, cloud-based solution for securely storing and sharing your electric motor data. PdMA Cloud Services utilizes state of the art protection against new and emerging security risks.

No hardware is required which means lower overhead, reduced costs, and less complexity. So easy it can be set up without hardware configurations or an IT person on your staff. Just an Internet connection is all that is needed. Service and threat updates are handled automatically by the behind the scenes experts making it maintenance free for you. You will always be running the most current version.

Affordable flat rate, predictable pricing includes all the security capabilities, including service updates, maintenance, and technical support which flattens your operating costs and reduces capital costs, so you can budget with confidence.

Cloud Services Features

PdMA Cloud Services
  • No Hardware, servers or computers required to purchase and PdMA IT Experts Maintain the system. Also, PdMA Cloud Services gives you full administrative capabilities.
  • Affordable subscription pricing, a small monthly fee makes PdMA Cloud Services economical and easy on the budget.
  • Improved collaboration and mobility cloud-based systems are “hosted” and accessible anywhere from any Internet- connected device- allowing you real-time collaboration and mobility.
  • Safe Data – Secured data centers that are protected with “Round The Clock” Interior and Exterior Surveillance.

PdMA Cloud Services… We Maintain It… You Get All The Benefit!

For more information contact PdMA at 813-621-6463 ext 1