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Motor Repair and Inductance

Deenergized stator inductance is a valuable tool in identifying the internal magnetic condition of your electric motor. It is important to know that inductance measurements can be influenced by the…

New Podcast: The Power Circuit – Todd and Noah show

Today, we discuss ways in which the power circuit can help save on efficiency. Because energy costs are so high, we want to be efficient. A multi-year study done by EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) showed that connectors and conductors are the source of almost half of the faults, reducing motor efficiency.

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PdMA® Corporation is an industry leader in the field of predictive maintenance (PdM) and condition monitoring, globally offering electric motor testing instruments. Our products and services are utilized by a wide variety of industries such as: manufacturing, utilities, field servicing, aerospace, petro/chemical, pulp and paper, steel/service, mining, automotive, etc. PdMA has operated under the current name and ownership since August 1, 1993 in Tampa, Florida. However, the company has over 30 years of experience in the predictive maintenance industry.

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