Since 1983, PdMA® Corporation has led the way in challenging and changing the current standards of predictive maintenance with the MCE®, EMAX, and MCEMAX® testers. All testers are designed to monitor and trend the condition of AC induction, synchronous, wound rotor, and DC motors and their circuits. Testing capabilities include: power quality, power circuit, stator, rotor, insulation, and air gap.

Now with the release of the M-Series MCEMAX® tester PdMA adds more features. Some of the features of the M-Series MCEMAX® tester are: Six channel inrush for improved trouble shooting and analysis, a 400% increase in battery capacity for extended testing, heads up LED lighting for improved safety while testing, board level calibration, capable of connecting directly to 1000v systems, modular circuit board design, MTAP chip identification recognition, and much more.

Also available from PdMA is the MTAP2® and MTAP3. Designed to increase safety and reduce connection time for online motor testing, these accessories allow you to safely capture data quickly to determine motor health.

We know how difficult it is keeping an eye on all your critical motors and that is why PdMA is proud to release the PdMAEYE continuous monitoring for your electric motors. With the PdMAEYE watching your motors 24 hours every day you can focus your limited resources and attention on other priorities.

Cloud Services give you affordable flat rate, predictable pricing includes all the security capabilities, including service updates, maintenance, and technical support which flattens your operating costs and reduces capital costs, so you can budget with confidence.