PdMA Releases MCEGold® 3.2.8

The PdMAEYE®   has arrived and is now fully supported by the newly released MCEGold 3.2.8.

MCEGold 3.2.8 is full of new features and improvements and is available for Windows® 10 and 11. MCEGold 3.2.8 provides support for the new PdMAEYE permanently installed technology for motor testing. Powered by the MCEGold software, the PdMAEYE monitors your motor 24-hours a day and warns you of changes in the condition of your critical motor allowing you to take action. The PdMAEYE includes the all new Historian and Scheduler.

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PdMA Releases Update Regarding Testers

Customers have been informed that due to the unavailability of replacement parts, PdMA will discontinue repair services for H-Series and P-Series testers. PdMA Corporation will continue to offer calibration services for the PdMA H-Series and P-Series Testers. All future efforts are now directed toward the M-Series Testers. Read the letter here.

2024 Training Schedule Posted

The PdMA training schedule for 2024 has been posted. The Open Enrollment classes include: Introduction to MCEMAX , MCEMAX  Data Analysis, and Snell’s Electric Motor Testing Certification. The classes are conducted in PdMA’s state of the art training facility in Tampa, Florida. Click here to view the schedule.

Noah Bethel Interviewed by Chemical Processing Magazine

June 9, 2021. Noah Bethel, PdMA vice-president of product development, was featured in the Industry Perspective section of Chemical Processing magazine. Read Noah’s interview where he answers the question on everyone’s mind, how to continuously monitor critical motors safely and accurately to improve reliability and reduce costs. You can read the interview here.

PdMA Announces Web-Based Training

Does no travel mean no training? With the various pandemic travel guidelines many reliability professionals have been unable or have chosen not to travel. If you have been limited in your professional development for whatever reason, check out our new Web-Based training opportunities.

Our Web-Based training “Fundamentals of MCEMAX®” has been specifically designed to benefit new users of the technology as well as giving our seasoned users an excellent refresher. Click Here for more information.

PdMA Announces the Release of MCEGold® 3.1.2 SP4

MCEGold 3.1.2 SP4 is an upgrade for MCEGold 3.1.2 SP3 and is available for Windows® 10 and M-Series testers only. The upgrade includes optimization of the PdMA Cloud download times of the History Charts for Rotor Evaluation, Power, and Eccentricity. Also, the Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish language packs have been added.

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PdMA Announces the Release of MCEGold® 3.1.2 SP3

PdMA Corporation proudly announces the release of MCEGold 3.1.2 SP3, which is an upgrade from MCEGold 3.1.2 SP2 and is available for Windows® 10 and M-Series testers only. Security enhancing features are the main focus of this upgrade. Highlights of these include; Microsoft Signed USB Driver and an upgrade to SQL 2017 Express.

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PdMA Announces the Release of MCEGold® 3.1.2 SP1

PdMA Corporation proudly announces the release of MCEGold 3.1.2 SP1 for Windows® 7, Windows® 10 and M-Series testers only. Many changes and new features are included in this release.To read about all of the changes and new features click the link below.

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PdMA Celebrates a Milestone

On August 1, 2018, PdMA Corporation celebrated its 25th anniversary. PdMA Corporation is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of instruments for electric motor testing and condition assessment. PdMA achieved this position as a result of being market-driven, customer service oriented, and focused on continuous product improvement. During the company’s 25th anniversary celebration, PdMA president Tim Owens reflected on the early days when the company was comprised of two divisions, MCE and Oil Analysis Laboratory Services. We built 486 computers inside our first testers and they ran on a DOS operating system. They were static-only testers at the time. In the mid-90s we added online “energized” testing. We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2000 and earlier this year certified to the newest standard ISO 9001-2015. After selling the oil lab in 2008, we opened our state-of-the-art Training Center in 2009. We designed and manufacture MTAPs (Motor Test Access Panel) to allow for safer, more efficient, user-friendly means to test motors online. Our latest tester, the M-Series tester, released in 2013 uses MCEGold to operate the tester, collect and analyze data, generate reports, etc. MCEGold is MS-Windows 10 compliant. In addition to offering our standard network software for easy access to data, reports, site conditions, etc., we now offer Cloud Services data hosting for our customers. More improvements and changes are in development as PdMA continues to move forward and remain The Leader in Electric Motor Testing.

PdMA Announces the Release of PdMA Cloud Services

PdMA Corporation is proud to announce the release PdMA Cloud Services. With our Cloud Services you can securely and affordably store your electric motor data on PdMA servers and share it from anywhere, with anyone via an Internet connection.

The affordable PdMA Cloud Service is available for all M-Series customers. Click Here for more information or contact us at 1+ 813-621-6463 or email. Don’t wait a moment longer; contact us today.

PdMA® Corporation Releases MCEGold® 3.0

PdMA Corporation a long standing leader in the development of electric motor test equipment announces the release of MCEGold 3.0. Building on the past success of MCEGold, version 3.0 offers even more improvements. Some, but not all, of the features of MCEGold 3.0 are:

  • 3D graphs are available for Rotor Evaluation, Eccentricity, In-Rush, and Demod Test results.
  • The MCEGold Lite version has been added as a Display Mode option. Lite is a simplified interface designed to principally collect data.
  • Word Report Template has been added to Reports. You must have MS Word installed on your computer to use Word Report Templates.
  • The Fault Zone Report has been redesigned and is now presented in an interactive ocular graph format.

MCEGold 3.0 is available for M series testers only and requires a new license key.

Congratulations Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati

Congratulations to Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSDGC) for winning Uptime Magazine’s 2014 Best Asset Condition Management Program! The 2014 Uptime Award winners were announced in December 2014, at IMC-2014 in Daytona Beach, Florida and featured in Uptime Magazine’s February/March issue. MSDGC is a repeat winner as they were the winner of the 2013 Best Emerging Maintenance Reliability Program. They are on a roll. Will they be a three-peat winner in 2015?

A five year Asset Condition Monitoring program, using a variety of PdMA equipment, is in place and PdMA is proud to be a part of their success. Click here to read about MSDGC’s award winning program and the winners in the other categories.

PdMA® Corporation Releases MCEGold® 2.6.2

With the release of MCEGold 2.6.2 PdMA Corporation continues to offer more features to our customers. Some of these features include:

  • MTAP ID Link Configuration, to assist in auto location of an asset (M-Series only)
  • Addition of Six Channel In-Rush phase configuration selection for the Six Channel In-Rush test (M-Series only)
  • Addition of an Asset Management Preferences function, used to select the Default Detach Database Option
  • An Asset Preview pane was added to the Network Local Field Tester WatchList
  • Addition of Power Results and Time Domain buttons on the Power Phasor window
  • Improved Zoom to Cursor Location on spectral plots such as current demodulation or rotor evaluation
  • Ground fault trip feature and alert indication
  • Manufacturer and User Asset ID added to Nameplate Information display
  • Average current added to the DC Power Test

And much, much more.

MCEGold 2.6.2 is available for M and H series testers only.

PdMA® Corporation Announces the Release of the M-Series MCEMAX® Tester

PdMA Corporation, a long standing leader in the development of electric motor test equipment is proud to announce the release of the M-Series MCEMAX tester. Building on the success of MCEGold the M-Series MCEMAX tester offers even more features. Some of the features are: six channel inrush for improved trouble shooting and analysis, 400% increase in battery capacity for extended testing, heads up LED lighting for improved safety while testing, board level calibration, capable of connecting directly to 1000v systems, modular circuit board design, MTAP chip identification recognition, and much, much more.

PdMA® Corporation Releases MCEGold® 2.6.1

Building on the success of MCEGold, PdMA continues to deliver performance improvements and feature enhancements to our customers world-wide.

This release includes a quick power re-test option, rotor evaluation 5th harmonic display improvement, improved current demodulation auto speed search, improved data validation with phasor diagram support, Site Navigator asset preview pane, new Site Condition tools for improved asset management, drive input added to test location selections, improved message center defaults, and M-Series tester support and features.

MCEGold 2.6.1 is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Portuguese.

For information on a full list of MCEGold 2.6.1 highlights, system requirements, and how to download the software, please contact the PdMA Tech Support team at  or 813-621-6463 ext. 251.

What other users have said about MCEGold 2.6.1:
“I really like the improvements that have been made thus far.”   RF – Allied Reliability
“The installation was straight forward without any problems. We are using the new software every day.”  JM – Bodine Electric

MCEGold® 2.5.1 SP2 Released

PdMA Corporation announces the release of MCEGold Software, version 2.5.1 SP2. Building on the success of MCEGold, PdMA continues to deliver performance improvements and feature enhancements to their customers world-wide. This release includes: new icons, Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit compatibility, EMAX Auto Pre-Save Data Validation, auto adjusting display, additional step voltage increments, thin client compatibility, desktop setup ability for DC motors, and more. MCEGold 2.5.1 SP2 is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Click here for more information.

MCEGold® 2.4 Released

PdMA proudly announces the release of MCEGold 2.4. PdMA continually strives to enhance their product to accommodate their international and domestic users’ needs and this update reflects that commitment. This release includes enhancements to the software and introduces the new international language feature. Currently the software is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. In the near future Italian, German, Portuguese, French, and Russian will be available, with additional languages to follow.

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PdMA Congratulates Southern Company Generation

Southern Company Generation’s Plant Miller wins Best Motor Testing Program award from Uptime Magazine. The announcement of Uptime’s Program of the Year was made in the Oct/Nov2010 issue of Uptime Magazine with a follow-up article in the Dec/Jan 2011 issue. The award winners were cited for their commitment to and execution of high-quality Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring Programs.

PdMA is the proud supplier of the motor testing equipment used by Southern Company Generation in their predictive maintenance program.

MCEGold® 2.3.1 Released

The MCEGold Version 2.3.1 software includes features such as: global vs. site level administrator (network users), current imbalance on the Fault Zone Analysis, and the ability to change test ambient temperature and test location after testing.

MCEGold® 2.2 Released

MCEGold Version 2.2 introduces two new modules, Asset Scheduler and Energy Cost Analysis. The Asset Scheduler helps you monitor your assets and plan scheduled testing. The Energy Cost Analysis module helps answer questions about repairing versus replacing an asset and reducing energy costs.

PdMA Opens State-of-the-art Training Center

PdMA proudly announces the opening of their new state-of-the-art, 1,000 square foot training center in Tampa, Florida. According to Pete Bechard, Vice President of Training and Technical Support, “PdMA Corporation’s new training facility demonstrates our commitment to our customers. The new training center has four EMAX testing stations, allowing students to perform online testing of both healthy and faulted AC induction motors. One EMAX station supports testing of AC and DC drives. These online work stations incorporate PdMA’s Motor Test Access Panels (MTAP) ensuring the safest working environment possible for our students. In addition, there are several specialty motors available for MCE® testing to support the offline portion of our training courses. Student comfort was also addressed by adding a separate break area as well as a work station so they can keep in touch with their home office.”

The training center opened on March 3, 2009 with the AC & DC Motor Maintenance and Operation course taught by Richard Love, Richard Love Associates.

Introducing MTAP3

The affordable MTAP3 offers the ability to safely capture data in many of the smallest enclosures where the MTAP2 cannot be installed. With the current-only MTAP3, you can choose from one of four standard ranges of CT’s. In seconds you are able to collect accurate data to determine your motor health while eliminating time consuming tag-out and lock-out procedures.

Now Available Online

Bridging the Gap: Communicating Motor Reliability to Management
PdMA® Corporation is now offering their popular webinar as a narrated presentation for interested individuals to listen and view at their own convenience. Click here to request webinar.

PdMA Releases Latest White Paper

World-Class Companies Need World-Class Motor Management and Maintenance
Ask a manufacturer how long a motor it produces is expected to live, and the response will be something like, “20-plus years in the right environment.” Ask the same question in a facility that uses such a motor and the answer is more likely to be, “If we get five years out of it, we’ll be happy!” Why does this discrepancy exist? Why do motors die in infant mortality instead of living to the ripe old age for which they are designed and built? The answer has to do with the failure to optimize motor management and maintenance. Click here to read more.