PdMA Corporation’s predictive maintenance (PdM) and condition monitoring solutions allow manufactures to utilize advanced testing tools, review analyses and reports generated from data gathered, and manage information using an integrated system. The lifespan of motor assets can be optimized using PdMA’s solutions. Optimal motor management and maintenance improves reliability, ensures the best return on asset values, decreases downtime, and effectively establishes more cost-effective manufacturing.

PdMA helps manufacturers effectively manage their equipment and reach their goals. PdMA’s solutions assist customers with:

  • Maximizing maintenance efficiency through regular scheduled maintenance at convenient times
  • Minimizing production losses by identifying minor problems before they contribute to catastrophic motor failure
  • Decreasing operating costs by scheduling downtime and repairs during off-peak demand times
  • Increasing profitability through reducing operating costs and production losses
  • Easy access to report functions which allow data mining, cost analysis, and inventory control
  • Integrating third-party applications for easy reporting and analysis
  • Communicating easily through database synchronization
  • Increasing return on investments (ROI) by maintaining assets

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