Todd and Noah Show

Episode 9

Types of Motors Part 1 Induction and Wound Rotor Motors – Todd and Noah Show

Per listener request, Todd and Noah discuss the Induction motor, its construction, and what it is used for.

Episode 8

Machine Train – Todd and Noah Show

Although not an actual fault zone, the machine train is considered an important peripheral that is attached to and affects the motor. Listen to this episode to hear Todd and Noah go into detail about the machine train.

Episode 7

Air Gap – Todd and Noah Show

Today, we discuss the Air Gap in a motor. Air Gap issues occur during the offset of the rotor and stator, which is why it is so important to regularly inspect and rotate motors.

Episode 6

Rotor – Todd and Noah Show

In this episode, we discuss the tangible, moving part of the motor, the rotor. It is the rotating part of the asset which is very important in the success of the motor.

Episode 5

Stator – Todd and Noah Show

Today, we go through some case studies involving a very important fault zone: the Stator fault zone which is the stationary part of the motor.

Episode 4

Insulation – Todd and Noah Show

In this episode, we talk about the Charlie Brown fault zone: Insulation. Back in the 1840’s, one of the first forms of insulation which was developed to prevent electricity from getting to a person or ground, was glass.

Episode 3

The Power Circuit – Todd and Noah Show

Today, we discuss ways in which the power circuit can help save on efficiency. Because energy costs are so high, we want to be efficient. A multi-year study done by EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) showed that connectors and conductors are the source of almost half of the faults, reducing motor efficiency.

Episode 2

The Importance of Power Quality – Todd and Noah Show

Today, we talk about IEEEs (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), our favorite standard of reference when talking about establishing alarms and limits. They are well respected around the world and they implement many alarm subpoints into motors after looking at many bodies of knowledge. We also discuss what data we should be collecting to determine whether there are power quality issues.

Episode 1

Introduction to Motors – Todd and Noah Show

We will be taking the mystery out of electric motors throughout this podcast to help industry professionals. Many people say smoke runs the motor, and the goal with electric motors is to keep the smoke in because it is very expensive to replace once it is out. Throughout this 12 part series, we will be diving deep and demystifying motors to make it more digestible so industry professionals can better understand how they operate. In order to become comfortable with making decisions pertaining to motors, you must first become comfortable with the motor itself.