From Quality Assurance to Troubleshooting… Don’t skip the Baseline!

Equipment and Human Resource limitations such as technicians and analysts, play a role in our everyday lives as maintenance and reliability professionals. We are often in a position where we are forced to choose where to use the limited resources we have and that includes what assets to test and how often. One area of maintenance and reliability that we should jump through hoops to accomplish and never skip is Quality Assurance (QA) testing of new or refurbished motors. Even if you will not be able to test an asset at the desired testing frequency as directed by the motor manufacturer or testing standards, you should never miss the opportunity to collect a QA/Baseline on every motor of elevated criticality. Not only does this give you the confidence that you are getting a good quality and reliable motor, but years later when a question arises about the performance of this motor at your facility you will be equipped with a baseline comparison. Having a baseline comparison makes troubleshooting and root cause analysis much more efficient and effective. So, if push comes to shove, don’t let up on the pressure of using the resources for Quality Assurance and baseline testing.

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