Keeping an “EYE” on Your Motor: Part 1 Rotor

With the release of the PdMAEYE® permanently installed electric motor test system we look forward to sharing success stories from the field as our customers add this new technology to the MCEMAX for an optimal electric motor reliability program.

The first success story comes from the Pipeline Industry. The United States has over 300,000 miles of pipeline running from coast to coast. In the world, estimates are around 1.18 million kilometers of pipeline. Imagine the resources and personnel required to visit and test every pumping station along these pipelines. Now imagine a more efficient use of these resources and personnel to prioritize the site visits if you had remote early indications of a developing anomaly. Allowing the analysts to focus on the problem motors early, and returning these motors to a reliable productive condition makes a lot of sense.

While reviewing data on a critical pipeline motor from the comfort of an air-conditioned office, the motor analyst noticed elevated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to rotor health. Left unattended rotor anomalies can cause secondary damage to nearby laminations, rotor bars, and worse case the stator windings. Due to the frequent starts and stops experienced by this motor during normal operations and knowing that In-Rush/Start-Ups increase the rate of failure for rotor cage faults, the severity was elevated, and planning initiated for a scheduled deeper inspection.

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