Keep an “EYE” on Your Rotor

Squirrel cage induction rotors with broken or cracked bars, if left unattended, will worsen with every start. Finding these issues early and taking action to repair the problem will prevent secondary damage to nearby laminations, rotor bars and worse case the stator windings. If you have motors in difficult to reach places, limited personnel resources to perform routine rotor tests, or super critical assets that are too important to fail, what are your options to minimize rotor damage? Permanently installed motor testing is a consideration. PdMA Corporation now offers the PdMAEYE to keep an “EYE” on your motor 24 hours a day. In the linked case study below a permanently installed unit was able to provide early remote identification of a very critical motor in the middle of nowhere for the Petro-Chem industry. The easy remote access to this data enabled a second and third set of eyes to review the data and give suggestions for the action to be taken, thus preventing secondary damage.

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