Automated Analytics Software

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are common phrases heard lately around the reliability table. Unsupervised by human analysts, these tools may deliver false alarms or require extensive learning and re-learning periods resulting in missed opportunities and a loss in confidence of the tool itself. However, a supervised analytics program can be a valuable partner in a reliability team environment.

Today’s advanced motor testing technology delivers precision data for the analyst to evaluate motor health and at the same time, through automated analytics software, delivers recommendations for the analyst to consider during testing or troubleshooting. Having these recommendations available helps the analyst quickly and accurately decide on actions necessary to prevent a failure or in the event of an existing failure to support rapid return to production through Root Cause Failure Analysis. After each test of your motor using MCE® or EMAX technology, the MCEGold® software compares the data to PdMA standards and available industry standards such as IEEE, EASA, NEMA, etc., and issues a Fault Zone Condition Code along with recommended actions based on the auto analysis.

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