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PdMA Training

PdMA® Corporation offers training to assist our customers in learning how to safely operate and perform data analysis for motor circuit evaluation utilizing the MCEMAX®, MCE®, and EMAX testing equipment. The courses are designed to help you get the most from your tester.

The initial training courses are designed for both technicians and analyst to enable them to begin utilizing their tester as part of an effective motor testing program. These courses focus on how to safely operate the equipment, perform all tests, and use the Six Fault Zone approach to data analysis.

The classes may be held in Tampa (Open Enrollment) or at the customer site (On-Site).

Open Enrollment Courses in Our Tampa Facility
PdMA offers regularly scheduled Open Enrollment Introduction to MCEMAX and MCEMAX Data Analysis at our training facility in Tampa. Dates are subject to change.

Introduction to MCEMAX: PdMA Corporation’s training center in Tampa has been specifically designed to support all models of our testers. Students have the opportunity to perform every test each tester is capable of, in a safe and distraction free training lab. They will have the opportunity to test both healthy and faulted motors using our latest hardware and software. The Introduction to MCEMAX course covers all models in our tester line.

Data Analysis: The biggest benefit to coming to PdMA Corporation for Data Analysis training is that you not only receive the course instruction, but you also have an opportunity to share with other students from other facilities. Having a large group of experienced users provides a larger knowledge base and the opportunity to learn how others may have handled the challenges you are faced with today.

Many of our customers have requested additional training not necessarily related to our equipment, but to  help them build their in house motor testing program. To assist these customers we work with Richard Love Associates to host motor workshops.

For enrollment information please contact Tonya Valdez, PdMA Open Enrollment Training Administrator, valdez.t@pdma.com or 813-621-6463 ext, 126.

Open Enrollment Schedule


August 21 - 23 **AC - DC Motors - Operation and Maintenance Workshop** Tampa, Florida Full
August 28 - 31 Introduction to MCEMAX® Tampa, Florida Full
September 11 - 13 MCEMAX® Data Analysis Tampa, Florida Full
September 18 - 21 Introduction to MCEMAX® Tampa, Florida2 Sea 1 Seat Open
September 25 - 28 Introduction to MCEMAX® Tampa, Florida Full
October 2 - 4 MCEMAX® Data Analysis Tampa, Florida 3 Seats Open
October 9 - 12 Introduction to MCEMAX® Tampa, Florida Full
October 15 - 19 Operación e Interpretación del MCEMAX® Tampa, Florida 1 Seat Open
October 23 - 25 **Motor Shop Assessments and Shop Testing Data Interpretaton** Tampa, Florida 12 Seats Open
October 30 - November 2 Introduction to MCEMAX® Tampa, Florida 1 Seat Open
November 6 - 8 MCEMAX® Data Analysis Tampa, Florida Full
November 13 - 16 Introduction to MCEMAX® Tampa, Florida 4 Seats Open
November 27 - 30 Introduction to MCEMAX® Tampa, Florida 5 Seats Open

*Day 4 is a half day on Friday, which has been added to the course for DC MCE® and EMAX testing procedures for people who have MCEMAX® Model #555X with MCEGold® software. For all others this will be a three-day class ending on Thursday.

**Workshops conducted by Richard Love, Richard Love Associates in Tampa, Florida.

PdMA has negotiated rates with the Hilton Garden Inn and Residence Inn.

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On-Site Training Courses
On-Site courses are available for our customers at their site. The length of training and maximum number of students per course are dependent on your model of tester. For questions about On-Site training for your model of tester call PdMA Corporation training and technical support directly at: 813 621-6463 Ext.251.

On-Site Training Course Descriptions

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